Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is your firm part of the current state of cost recovery? Discover the answer in the 2012 Matter & Associates Cost Recovery Survey.

Of all the areas that we consult in, the soft cost recovery area is the one undergoing the greatest amount of change both from an internal viewpoint and, most importantly, from an external one. Clients are on the offensive to reduce or eliminate soft costs, internal constituents are fighting them, and the whole support service workflow is going through dramatic changes as a result of decreases in copy and increases in scan, print and litigation support. 

Well, we are about to get the answers. It is time for the bi-annual Mattern & Associates Cost Recovery Survey. The comprehensive information collected in this survey lays the groundwork for many firms’ cost recovery strategies for the coming years.

This is what Nicholas J. Willmott, Chief Financial Officer of Kirkland & Ellis LLP, says of the value of participating in the Survey:

 "The Mattern & Associates Cost Recovery Survey is the most comprehensive snapshot of cost recovery trends and practices available in the legal field.  Kirkland participated in the Survey in 2008 and 2010 and will again in 2012.  It is well worth the time and effort, and benefits our firm.”

In 2010 we had responses from 81 Firms; this year, we expect to double that response. Everyone participating in the Survey receives a customized, web-based summary of the Survey results along with a non-obligatory debriefing from a Mattern & Associates consultant.

We hope to see your firm participating in the Survey—and becoming part of the answer.